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I have my own boat. Can I bring it here?
Yes, there is a 10 HP limit on Canadohta.  There is also a public boat launch on the west side of the lake at the Fish Commission Access.

Can I use my personal watercraft [jet ski] on the lake?
Canadohta Lake has a 10 horse power limit for all boats or watercraft.  If any watercraft is over ten horse power it can not be used on Canadohta lake.  The "Personal Watercraft" as it has been called, basically jet skis, are generally over 10 hp.  Therefore they are not legal on Canadohta.

Snowmobiles and ATVs are permitted on the ice when conditions warrant.
The only restriction that applies is the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission access area.  As with all Commission property, the use of snowmobiles or ATVs is prohibited. Access to the lake can not be taken over or through Commission lands.

Miss Canadohta Pageant.
How do I get information on the Miss Canadohta Pageant?
Click here for application & rules

Call for more information:
CJ Tisi - 814-694-2148
Mail to: C.J. Tisi - 230 East Main Street - Titusville, PA 15354
(Or Drop off at the Frog Pond Restaurant)
Pageant for girls ages 6-19--Scholarships & savings bonds awarded to winners.

Can I go swimming at the lake?
Yes, you can swim anywhere on the lake. There is a public beach at Elmwood Park and several private beaches including one with a huge waterslide at Canadohta Lake Park.

Is there hunting and fishing?
Yes, our local merchants sell licenses and supplies readily available. If the weather & ice cooperate we have an ice fishing tournament every February.  Our lake has Northern Pike, Muskie, blue gill, crappie, large & smallmouth bass, walleye, carp, and catfish.

How big is the lake?
The lake is a total of 168 acres.  It is .5 mi. wide and 1.25 mi. long.  The average depth is 26 ft. and the deepest point is 75+ ft.

I need to work on my dock. When is the best time? What must I do?
Before any work may be started on a new or existing dock, a permit for the dock must exist and be filed with the DCNR. (Department of Conservation & Natural Resources)  If you are unsure about a permit, it would be wise to contact DCNR in Meadville prior to any work.  Work on the docks can be done at any time. The Canadohta Lake Authority lowers the level of the lake each fall, generally, the first week in November.  However, if you are planning to do work on your docks and want a definite time, you should contact the Canadohta Lake Authority.  Lowering the lake level is done as protection for the docks. In general most of the docks are out of the water at this time allowing for inspection and/or repairs if required.

Is Canadohta Lake a man-made lake?
No, Canadohta lake is a warm-water kettle-bottom glacier lake that is spring fed. Oil Creek originates here.

What is there to do at night?
You can go on a night boat ride or go fishing!  We have two miniature golf courses, a 9-hole par 3 golf course with night golfing, a roller skating rink, a driving range, batter-up cages, an arcade, and game rooms.  The local restaurants have bands and dancing on most Friday and Saturday nights.

I'm interested in buying property or would like to see what is available to rent--could you send me a list?
All reservations must be made through the individual owners. Many have links to their webpages that go into more detail. click here for details

Local realtors can help with yearly rentals & purchasing properties. Realtors and lodging are on our business page.

I have a Canadohta Lake Breeze newspaper from a few years ago. Is it still in print?
Yes, The Breeze is still in print and you can get one from our local merchants or if you would like to have one sent to you just go to the contact page and email or write us. The Breeze is printed once a year usually around Memorial Day.

For a copy of the Breeze--Email:

Why do you kill all the weeds in the lake? Since you make money off of the fish in the lake why not spend a little to help restock it? The Lake Authority does nothing help the lake only harm it with dangerous chemicals.
The goal of the Lake Authority is to maintain the pristine condition of the second largest natural lake in Pennsylvania. They work very hard to try to protect everyone who uses the lake—fisherman, swimmers, boaters and land owners.  They do not kill all the weeds in the lake.  They are controlled by permits applied for to treat the lake thru the Pa Fish and Boat Commission and the DEP—who set the dosage rate and coverage area as well as the chemicals used.  The application is done by certified professionals. We know the pitfalls of overuse of chemicals.  There is an invasive non-native, exotic weed (Eurasian Watermilfoil) that will kill the lake if not controlled and eliminated. This eradication can not be done mechanically.  They do not kill the large-leaf pondweed that is good for fish and their habitat. Your comment of making money off the fish of the lake is not true.  The Lake Authority does not make money off the fish of the lake—it is totally funded by donations from the township residents. The stocking of the Lake is controlled by the Pa Fish and Boat Commission.  A few years ago over 300 muskie were stocked and 6,800 walleye fry. The Lake Authority has a public meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm at the Township building.