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Water Battle on the Lake

Join us on the Lake for the 2022 Canadohta Lake Water Battle!
~Hand held water cannons, Stream Machines, Water Blasters, Super Soakers or squirt guns only
~Water Only (No soaps or chemicals allowed) Lake water permitted
~Hand pump charging only (No compressors or gas tubes)
~No water balloons or products that will pollute the lake
~Pontoon boats battle pontoon boats – Kayaks battle kayaks
~Boats must pass between a designated boat lane
~Participants will travel in both directions (pass through keeping to the right, turn around and return keeping to the right)
~Water battles will take place only when passing in opposing directions within designated lane
~Spray only participating boat crew members
Battlers participate at their own risk. Canadohta Lake Area Business Association is not responsible for any injuries or damage sustained while participating in this event. Have fun!

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Jul 09 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


On the Lake
Canadohta Lake



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